Saturday, February 25, 2012

Star - Life with a Horse

When your horse follows you without being asked,
when he rubs his head on your head,
and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine... know you are loved.

~ John Lyons

horse photography

A lovely horse is always an experience,
it is an emotional experience of the kind that is spoiled by words.

~ Beryl Markham

horses on the beach

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom
and courage to guide {wo}men to the heavens.

~ Jodie Mitchell

outer banks horses

All horses deserve at least once in their lives
to be loved by a little girl.

~ unknown

photo of wild horse on beach
When i was a little girl my grandparents bought this horse, Star.  About a year later my parents adopted her from my grandparents.  We always referred to her as that old in...that stubborn old horse, that ornery old horse, etc.  She was all those things, but she wasn't old...not then anyway...she was only a year old when she became a member of our family.

I had other horses...I'll probably tell you about Trigger later (and yes, he was a palomino...a very sweet palomino).  Star, however, was a part of so many memories...doubling bareback with my best girl-friend, going to horse shows, introducing young family to the joy of riding.  She was not made of show-horse stuff, she really was stubborn and ornery, but she'd patiently stand there while i scrubbed and polished her, brushed and loved her.  We turned each other into the best versions of ourselves.

Star did become an old horse...she lived 40 plus old as Methuselah, some would say.  She was no longer primped and polished, she had a winter coat that never shed and gray hair all around the namesake white star on her forehead...she'd still run away when we tried to catch her and then generously tolerate our attempts to show her our deep abiding love.

Did you share your life with a horse?  Love to hear your story in the comments.


  1. Thank you for sharing that story. I had a pony growing up named Kim. I got him when he was somewhat older, and I feel like I grew up with him. I had him in my life from age 10 to age 17. He was like my silent best friend. Whenever I felt sad, I could walk down to the barn and brush him and cry on his fuzzy white shoulder. He would greet me at the gate and nudge my shoulder with his nose, then follow directly behind me as I walked to the barn. He was like an oversize dog in that sense. He was a gentle and patient pony, and I could see the wisdom in his eyes. I couldn't watch the day that we had to give him away (we were moving far away, to a climate he could not tolerate). I still miss him after 12 years.

  2. i completely understand...especially about your horse being such a compassionate confidant, the barn being a place of solace, and the part about missing Kim...totally relate. horses are incredible, aren't they? thanks for sharing your story!

  3. I had 2 horses, Aries and Buddy. It was my dream, as a child, to own a horse. I had to wait until I was 35 years old before I finally had my own horse. I had them for 13 years, and then my marriage fell apart and I had to find new homes for them. I hung on as long as I could until I realized I wasn't doing them any favours be keeping them and always fearing that if they needed a vet I could not afford to pay for one. So I found them wonderful homes, where they both are very much loved. But, the day I said goodbye to them I thought I would never stop crying. I still smell their breath and feel their soft noses as I look at their pictures, and I am so thankful that I was able to at least share a part of my life with my very own horses.

  4. thank you so much for sharing your story...loving horses can be intensely bittersweet.


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