Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Imposes Rhythm on the Ocean Tides

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I took this photo one evening as I walked along the beach.

It's so easy to be at peace watching, and listening to, the ocean waves gently rolling onto shore..isn't it?  Easy to release our white knuckled grip on life's concerns and allow them to be swept up in the coastal current and washed out with the tide.

The challenge is to find a way to keep a cork in the serenity found at the sea and breathe warm salty air into that still small center we re-discover at the beach.  Quiet moments alone are rare for me...and, I'm sure, for you.

When they surprise you, what do you do with them?

For me, it's flashes of memory...images, sounds, and tangible feelings ~ toes in the cool damp sand, warm water washing over my feet, the sounds of the waves and shells tumbling just below the surface onto shore, the heat of the sun on my skin, a balmy breeze blowing my hair, seagulls floating on the wind, sandpipers darting in and out of the sea, and the unbelievably beautiful turquoise color of the ocean.

That's what I love about photography...recording an image that had an impact...the privilege of looking at it and immediately recalling how you felt when you were in that place, or some place like it.

This particular original beach photography has been altered to give it the gauzy appearance of memory and an inspirational quote from one of my favorite writers, Maya Angelou, added...

"love imposes rhythm on the ocean tides."

My hope in offering these images to you...that they will breathe salty-aired serenity into your still small center.

How am I doing? Love to hear your thoughts.

Peace and xo

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