Monday, March 19, 2012

Relax with me on a Boardwalk by the Sea

Boardwalk ~ by the sea photography

This is one of those images I recall when I close my eyes and think of the most peaceful places on me.

Heading down this boardwalk toward the shore I exhale and prepare to let my concerns drift across the salty air and out with the tide. The moment I reach the top of the steps and begin the descent toward the beach, I feel my shoulders relax, my heart rate drop, and that little space between my eyebrows widen.

The ocean always shares her abundance whether in the form of tangible treasures, like shells and sea glass, or spiritual ones, like a peaceful, easy feeling and sudden zen master ability to be present to the moment.

I think that's why we all take the shells away with us...sensory memory.  Sometimes I carry one in my pocket and when I feel the stress of the world intruding, I rub my fingers across its smooth surface and remember the place where the sea meets the sand.

When you need to decompress where does your mind travel? Tell me all about it in the comments.

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