Friday, March 30, 2012

Take Times Square with Beach Bum Chix

So...I need your help...please.

I entered an art and photography competition called Art Takes Times Square.

coconuts ~ one of the images i entered

They're calling it "the most immense exhibition of art in New York City."

There's a cash prize...and I ain't gonna lie to you, that would be a - ma - zing, but the thing that's really exciting is the idea of being one of the artists whose work is chosen to be presented "in brilliant lights on a massive scale in one of the most iconic locations in the world."
Uh, could it get any cooler?!

beach bum chick ~ another entry

As I say in my entry portfolio...I think one of these images of the peaceful, quiet solitude of the beach would create a really interesting juxtaposition to the hectic pace and crowded life of Times Square.

Seriously...and I say this all the goal with Beach Bum Chix is to breathe salty air'd serenity into life.  How could that be better accomplished than by plastering a quiet image of a pelican {above} or a horse on the beach {below} on a giant billboard amidst all the hub and bub of New York City?  A little fish out of water spot to let the eye settle calmly and give the mind freedom to wander to shore.

There's a super cool minute or so video about the contest that is very inspiring...I think you'll really like it.

lazy ~ another entry

Anyway, I need your help to make this happen for Beach Bum Chix...and by you, I mean anyone who has ever read this blog and gotten something from it, anyone who has ever skimmed this blog and somewhat enjoyed it, even anyone who has ever read a title of a post and said, "meh."  You and you and you...I need you all and all I need you to do is this...

Go to the beach bum chix portfolio page to see the nine entries  submitted and click on "collect me" at the top to vote.

...then if you are of the praying persuasion, toss a few words to The Big Guy Upstairs.  You'll really be doing me a big favor and I'll be eternally thankful for your kind thoughtfulness.

With much humble gratitude,


p.s.  Let me know you voted in the comments so I can properly thank you!


  1. voted :)

    i love the photos you've entered and agree that the juxtaposition of hectic city life and images of the mellow peace of the beach would be very effective - fingers crossed others think so too!!!

  2. thank you!!! your vote is very much appreciated! xo


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