You know that feeling...
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blue beach umbrella - beach bum chix photography
You're laying on the beach,
warm sun above,
warm sand beneath you,
waves rolling in on the shore.
A balmy breeze is cooling your skin
and you're so relaxed
you can't even raise your arm to put on sunscreen...

That's the feeling I love, and, do my best to share here and in my photography ... all weathered by sun, sand, and salty air.
one of the beach bum chix

Welcome to Beach Bum Chix.  I'm Lisa...a native southeast Florida Beach Bum with sand in my flip flops.

Love of the beach is in my nature...when I was a little girl everyone asked if I was the baby from the coppertone ad. As a family we lived at the beach. My love affair with the sea began really at birth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My mom and aunt would take all us kids to the beach, find a shady spot under the pier, and set up the playpen. I would play in the sand or take a nap under a gauzy blanket cooled by a tropical breeze.

My father was an artist and writer and nurtured my love of both with books on the subjects, sketch pads, and pencils, cameras, and creative thinking. Part of an art class in junior high was spent composing, photographing, then developing an image of our choosing in the darkroom {am I dating myself?}. My choice was seashells caught in a fishing net. My love of art continued in college at The University of Florida {go gators!} where I studied art history. throughout the years i've always returned to my favorite artistic expression...photography.

I love photography because it provides the ability to record an image that had an impact...the privilege of looking at it and immediately recalling how you felt when you were in that place, or some place like it.

Images of the beach tend to evoke specific feelings in most people...calm peacefulness, memories of family vacations, moments of complete relaxation with nothing to do, but enjoy sunny days and sandy toes.

My humble hope in offering these images to you...that they will breathe a bit of salty-air'd serenity into your daily life.

I'd love to hear what you think about how I'm doing.  Email me at lisa[at]beachbumchix[dot]com and I promise to kick the sand off my feet and get right back to you.

I appreciate you getting to know me.  Now head over to the gallery and check out my beach photography, visit the Beach Bum Chix shop to bring home that salty air'd serenity and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for even more.

With gratitude,


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