Friday, August 10, 2012

Ode to a Dandelion

What's this thing we have with dandelions?

dandelion, flower, photography, beach bum chix
Wish II - Nature Photography by Beach Bum Chix

We try to eliminate them as weed ...

dandelion art, dandelion photography, flower photography, photo art, art print, beach bum chix
Wish I - Flower Photography by Beach Bum Chix

Pluck them as flower ...

dandelion flower, dandelion art, dandelion photography, flower photography, macro photography, beach bum chix
Wish III -Macro Photography by Beach Bum Chix

And wish on them as seed ...

Hoping that as they escape our fickle attentions they carry our dreams on their gossamery shoulders, gently drifting to some fertile ground to begin the process again.

That moment when you blow a dandelion into the breeze and watch it peacefully release from its moorings with complete, weightless freedom ...  deserving of greater appreciation, right?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

I know ... I couldn't resist.


  1. beautiful pictures! i love dandelions :)

    i heard the other day that there are two hundred and something different varieties! x

  2. thanks! i love them too :) my daughter calls them "wish flowers." 200 plus varieties ... wow!

  3. Love the pictures - but although dandelions are pretty, they are a darn nuisance too if you're a gardener! Once they take hold, the roots seem to go on for ever!

    Just seen you on the Etsy Entrepreneur Forum site: am dropping by to see who's new in the blogging world (to me at any rate), will be following to see what else you get up to - and invite you to visit me at Have been neglecting my duties to the blog to increase the follower-ship, so I'd love to see you there sometime.

    All the best with your blogging and other activities

    1. I know ... it's true, Isobel ... but I love them just the same :) Very cute bunnies and bears on your site! Thanks!


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