Friday, December 9, 2011

hey there


i've been gearing up for joining the world of bloggers for a while, but to rush would be non-beach-bum'ish, which is the opposite of what i hope this unfolding story will be about.

i'd love to introduce myself...

feel like that sounds a little presumptive, but i do sincerely want you to want to read what i have to write...what's the sense of blogging, otherwise...

anyway, i like to say i'm a native south florida beach bum raised on sunshine and salty air because, well, it's the truth, literally and figuratively. i was born in fort lauderdale and raised in palm beach county.  the older i get, the more i realize and appreciate the tropical paradise that is the southeast florida coast. and, how very fortunate i was to grow up in a place to which other people come to vacation {and, yes, retire}. what can i say about that except that when people get to an age and economic status that they can live anywhere they chose, they chose the beaches of south florida.

i think i have salty air and sea water in my veins...the beach never gets old to me and sunshine feels like a drug that calms and relaxes me...i could more easily take a nap on the sand in bright sunshine than in a shade-darkened room.  i love that feeling and do my best to convey it in my photography and will work to bring it here.  a place for us to find a peaceful respite from the busy-ness of life and to live for the sweetness of doing nothing.


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